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Play Disney Lorcana at Zander's Game House


Disney Lorcana is a collectible card game released by Ravensburger in collaboration with The Walt Disney Company in late 2023 and features characters from throughout Disney's film history.


Zander's was thrilled to be selected by Ravensberger as an official Organized Play Retailer.  Our in-house Lorcana League has grown to over 30 members and we meet twice a week for all the fun and excitement. 


Lorcana League Play:  $5

Wednesdays @ 6:00PM

Sundays @ 12:00PM


Join our Discord to meet the Lorcana League members, get in on the chat and be the first to know about special events and product orders.


Booster packs and accessories are available for purchase in store.  Pre-orders welcomed!

Lorcana cards.jpg
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