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​​At Zander's Game House you will find a fun and comfortable place where you can come and play any of the 850+ board and card games in our collection while enjoying a variety of snacks and desserts. Our huge selection includes Pre-K & kids games (including therapy and social skills building games), New Generation Family Games, American classics, adventure, strategy, co-op and party games.  There will be no video games, but we will have access to instructional videos for some of the more technical games.  ​We also have a variety of games and collectibles for purchase.  Grab your friends and family and come in and play!

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Event location Camarillo

​ (805) 383-9983

THEMED GAME NIGHTS   Every week Zander's Game House offers themes game nights and meet ups.  Click the Event Calendar Link above to see our current calendar of events.  Expect to find multiple D&D nights, Pathfinder, Go! Chess, Trivia Nights, Party Game Nights and even painting events with our partner Painting With a Twist®. 

GAMES AND COLLECTIBLES FOR SALE         A selection of classic games and new releases will be available for purchase.  If we don't have what you need in stock, just tell us and we will order it!

In addition to games, we also carry a wide selection of dice, D&D and Pathfinder literature and maps and much more.

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$5 STAY AND PLAY                                                      Enjoy unlimited game play for a $5 per person cover charge. You can play as many games as you want for as long as you want. Upon payment of the cover, you will get a hand stamp that lets the staff know you’ve paid for your gaming / seating. 

30-DAY PASSES​​                                                         For the best gaming value get your 30-Day Pass for just $25! The Pass will give you unlimited play for an entire month. Special ticketed events / tournaments are excluded.   Monthly Passes are non-transferable. To secure a monthly pass visit us during regular business hours.

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Birthdays, special events and Team Building are very popular at Zander's Game House. Here are the details you will need to start the planning process:

Tier 1 - Basic Reservation:  $10 per guest.  Reserved table, reserved game(s) and ability to bring in outside food and drink for your event.

Tier 2 - Basic + Décor: $15 per guest. All Tier 1 inclusions plus themed decorations and paper products. (Surprise gift for birthday girl or boy!)

Tier 3 - Basic + Décor + Catering: $25 per guest*.  All Tier 1 and Tier 2 inclusions plus coordination of food / beverage / dessert. 

* Minimum per guest price.  Price may be higher based on food, beverage and dessert selections.

To coordinate your event, email Jeanne at 


GIFT CARDS​​                                                                Purchase a Zander's Game House Gift Card for someone special (or keep it for yourself).  Gift Cards can be used for game play, game purchase or toward food and drinks. To purchase a Gift Card please stop by during regular business hours.​​


Do I have to pay the entry fee if I'm not playing?  The $5 per person cover will apply to all guests who wish to have access to the game selection or watch game play by others in their group.  During slower periods of the day (such as in the early afternoon on a weekday), the entry fee will not be charged if you would like to come in to eat and just relax.

​Can I bring in my own food and drink?  No, we offer food and beverages for sale on-site.  We do make one exception though - coffee!  You know you need it and you know how you like it, so go get it and bring it in.  We'll supply the dessert!  (Food is allowed when coordinated with owner for Special Events.)

Do you serve alcohol?  In order to maintain a family friendly environment we have made the choice to not offer alcohol in our establishment.  

Can I bring in my own beer/alcohol? No.  We do not hold a liquor license and the State of California does not allow you to consume alcohol of any kind on the premises.